Tue ยท Jul 26

Employee #1: Apple


Scale is an API for human labor

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 26

A Guide to Demo Day Presentations

Geoff RalstonJul 25

Polymail brings the best email productivity tools to desktop and mobile

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 20

Q&A with Ron and Topher Conway

Craig CannonJul 20

How to Pitch Your Company

Michael SeibelJul 19

Legalist unifies state trial court records and delivers analytics to attorneys

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 19

Airfordable is layaway for plane tickets

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 19

Employee #1: Airbnb

Craig CannonJul 18

Mentat helps people land their dream jobs

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 14

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