Wed · Jun 22

It's Okay to Not Have an Opinion About Everything

Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon and co-founder of Detour, sat down with us before speaking at YC's weekly dinner.

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Andrew Mason

What do you believe that few people agree with you on?

It’s okay to not have an opinion about everything.

What’s one skill or expertise that you’d like to acquire?

I’ve always wished that I was more extroverted. I know there is a lot of introversion cheerleading these days, but I can’t think of any advantages it’s brought me, other than not exhausting other introverted people. I’ve found it very difficult to acquire extroversion because I’m revolted by the image of an extroverted version of myself.

If you weren’t working on Detour what would you be working on?

I’d learn the entirety of the Goldberg Variations. I’m about four in and not particularly good.

What book do you think more people should read?

The Practice of Practice by Jonathan Harnum

It’s written with the target audience of musicians, but I’ve found it to be the best collection of guidance on how to become great at something that I’ve ever read.

What’s something you’d tell your younger self?

“oooOOoooOOOO, Annnndrewww, I am from the fuuuuuutttuuuuurrre!!!!” in a really scary ghost voice. That’s definitely how I’d open and then I’d wing it, try to be in the moment.

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