Fri · Jun 17

Seerslab's lollicam makes creating fun videos super easy

Just one year after its launch, lollicam has 5 million downloads and over 2 million active monthly users.

What it is

lollicam is a mobile video editing app that lets you add stickers, animations, and Photoshop-like effects to your videos.

What it does

What YC liked about Seerslab

"First of all, using lollicam is just fun. That might seem like a goofy reason, but when it comes to social products, they have to be enjoyable. On top of that, Michael and Jaecheol have an incredible understanding of their users, which you can see in how fast they are growing and how high their retention is."
- Aaron Harris, Partner, Y Combinator

Why now?

10 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every day. And the the sponsored lenses that users love can cost brands between $450,000 to $750,000 each day. However, most videos created on Snapchat stay within the Snapchat universe.

lollicam gives you total control of your videos. With their built-in face tracking it’s easy to add stickers, effects, and animations that follow you around. In one tap you can GIF your video or share it through your favorite app.

What's next?

lollicam has partnered with Facebook so users can record animated profile videos through the app.

This summer the team is focusing on partnerships with brands, musicians, and celebrities as they add themed sticker packs. Disney has already launched Zooptia-themed stickers on lollicam.

lollicam wants to become the go-to place where anyone can connect with brands and public figures to make fun, short videos that can be shared anywhere.

About the founders

Michael Chong and Jaecheol Kim (JC) are the co-founders of Seerslab. Michael and JC each have over ten years of experience developing mobile video and media services for companies like SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics, and KT Hitel.

They started working together in 2013 on the app that would eventually become lollicam. At the time, JC was working on a popular camera app called Pudding and Cymera Camera which had more than 150 million downloads globally. The two started the app as a dating service that matched similar faces but quickly pivoted to short-form videos because their users continually asked for easier ways to create and share videos with friends.

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