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Sixa gives you on-demand access to remote supercomputers

Sixa lets you access a powerful virtual computer without having to buy new hardware. It can be accessed from any device with a wifi connection.

They offer custom computers for developers, designers, and gamers, and each comes with preinstalled software for their specific use cases. For instance, when developers load their virtual computer, they have immediate access to GIT, Atom, Dropbox, and other essentials.

More powerful software comes out every year, and companies are forced to continually purchase new hardware to keep up with the latest technology. Currently, SMBs with limited resources are forced to use older software.

Virtualization allows smaller companies to access high processing power without having to purchase new hardware.

Installing and deploying Sixa takes just a few clicks. New users select the type of computer they want, download the client, and run it. After completing a simple setup, their virtual computer is ready to use.

Desktop virtualization is becoming more popular with individuals and SMBs interested in the reduced overhead. It grew from a $500 million in 2009 to a $5 billion market today.

Sixa’s long-term vision is to make virtualization technologies available to everyone, eliminating the need to continually buy or upgrade hardware .

“We've seen how lower server and storage costs and increased accessibility to the Internet have empowered tech startups to build great, valuable businesses,” says Adora Cheung, Partner at Y Combinator. “We're excited to see Sixa further lower the barrier for entrepreneurs to build even more powerful applications and solve the difficulty of building across the ever-growing fragmentation of new game-changing technologies.”

About the Founders:

Mykola Minchenko, 35, is the CEO of Sixa. He has over 15 years of software engineering, project management, and team leadership experience. Previously, he was the Chief Business Development Officer at Almareks, an object recognition SaaS startup.

Ievgen Nechaiev, 43, is the CTO of Sixa. He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering. He previously built a survey platform that is currently used by the Israel Institute of Sociology.

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