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Sam Altman on Founders and the Fear of Rejection

Startup School RadioDec 2


Founder Stories: Detroit Water Project’s Tiffani Ashley Bell

The MacroNov 27

Jessica Livingston on the Accidental Origin of Y Combinator

Startup School RadioNov 25

How to Design a Better Pitch Deck

Kevin HaleNov 19

Founder Stories: Gobble's Ooshma Garg

The MacroNov 18

How Scientists Can Thrive in the Startup World

Colleen TaylorNov 18

Color Genomics’ Founder Elad Gil on Hiring for Hard Problems

Startup School RadioNov 18

Hacker News Highlights

tpoindex, vinceyuan, johnkpush & jsyedidiaNov 18

Startup Playbook

Sam AltmanNov 6

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