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Ask a Female Engineer: Employees with Kids and Relationships at Work

Cadran CowansageOct 27

Strategies for Marketing in Asia

Eli SchwartzOct 12

Advice for New Managers

Aaron EpsteinOct 10

Ask a Female Engineer: Interviewing + Company Culture

Cadran CowansageOct 6


What To Expect As An International Founder At Y Combinator

Sondre RaschSep 23

Common Misconceptions About Applying To YC

Craig CannonSep 22

Ask a Female Engineer: Joining a Startup

Cadran CowansageSep 21

Getting Press for Your Startup

Michael SeibelSep 20

Introducing Ask a Female Engineer

Cadran CowansageSep 8


Raising Money Online - Advice For Startups

Jared FriedmanAug 31

Practical Design: MVP Spec

Dominika BlackapplAug 29

Transparency in Startup Investing

Geoff RalstonAug 25

Practical Design: Design Brief

Dominika BlackapplAug 22

Users You Don’t Want

Michael SeibelAug 17

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