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Turning a Best Friend into a Co-Founder

Ask YCApr 1


Agility Requires Safety

Yevgeniy (Jim) BrikmanMar 30

Cutting to the Chase While Cold Calling

Startup School RadioMar 11

Five Ways Non-Profits Can Think Like Startups

The MacroMar 9

Why Weebly's Founders Took Vacation Even in the Early Years

Startup School RadioMar 4

Oklo's Jacob DeWitte on Building a Nuclear Reactor People Want

The MacroMar 2


The Delicate Balance of B2B Sales

Startup School RadioFeb 26

Maintaining Success for the Long Term

Sam AltmanFeb 26

The Art of Shipping Early and Often

David MackFeb 24

Startup Advice I’ve Given On Snapchat

Justin KanFeb 19

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