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Ignoring the Wiggles

Aaron HarrisFeb 10

The Wild West of Building a Hardware Brand

Startup School RadioFeb 5

Finding a Co-founder in College

Ask YCFeb 5

Hacker News Highlights

lutusp, rietta, cjensen, hgaFeb 3


Tips on Formation and Fundraising

Startup School RadioJan 29

L.'s Talia Frenkel on Turning a Concept Into a Company

The MacroJan 27

Hardware, Less Hard

Luke IsemanJan 27

A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It's a Process

Yevgeniy (Jim) BrikmanJan 22

Advice for Companies With Less Than 1 Year of Runway

Dalton CaldwellJan 22

The Wizard of Oz Approach

Ask YCJan 22

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