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Hacker News Highlights

DanielKehoe, brandmeyer, JacobAldridge, geomarkJan 6

Gusto's Joshua Reeves on Startup Success That Feels Right

The MacroJan 5


YC's 2015 Reading List

The MacroDec 18

The McDonald's Quotient

By Rob HunterDec 16

AnyPerk's Taro Fukuyama on Finding an Idea That Works

Startup School RadioDec 16

Comprehend's Rick Morrison on the Importance of Asking Questions

Startup School RadioDec 11

How Lugg Got Its On‑Demand Moving App off the Ground

The MacroDec 9

Triplebyte's Harj Taggar on the Second-Time Founder Syndrome

Startup School RadioDec 9

Hacker News Highlights

davidst, nemo, batty, StratoscopeDec 4

How to Split Equity Among Co-Founders

Michael SeibelDec 2

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