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Employee #1: Airbnb

Craig CannonJul 18

Mentat helps people land their dream jobs

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 14

Q&A with Aaron Levie

Craig CannonJul 13

Employee #1: General Assembly

Craig CannonJul 12

OMG Digital is BuzzFeed for Africa

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 12

The Athletic gives diehard sports fans high-quality content without the ads

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 11

Yoshi fuels and services your car while you’re at work

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 11

EventGeek makes project management and analytics software for events

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 11

Employee #1: Reddit

Craig CannonJul 7

Sixa gives you on-demand access to remote supercomputers

Meet the Batch (S16)Jul 6

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