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Looklive Helps You Find and Buy Celebrity Looks

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 18

Whyd Is a Beautiful, Voice-Controlled Speaker for Audiophiles

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 18

Multiply Labs Puts All Your Supplements into One 3D Printed Pill

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 17

Joy Helps You Manage Your Wedding All in One App

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 17

Simbi Lets You Trade Your Skills for the Things You Want

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 17

Users You Don’t Want

Michael SeibelAug 17

Mark Zuckerberg

How to Build the FutureAug 16

Lendsnap Lets You Apply for a Mortgage in Under 30 Minutes

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 16

How to Build the Future

By Sam AltmanAug 16

Vidcode Teaches Teens to Code Through Making Snapchat and Instagram Filters

Meet the Batch (S16)Aug 15

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